Mejia Interior Design's work has been highlighted in national publications such as Elle Decor and Gourmet, as well as all the major magazines and newspapers in the Charlotte metro market. 

What others have to say about us:

"Designer Katherine Mejia Alexander's exotic, elegant taste comes naturally. She has made Luce a showcase of extravagance and beauty." 

Barbra McKay, SouthPark Magazine

"Luce is a classic with a contemporary twist, an upscale, yet comfortable restaurant that is warm, inviting, intimate and elegant. Very L.A., New York and San Francisco without being stuffy."

Charlotte Place Magazine

"Diners tend to think food is really, really good when they can settle in and focus on their meal and friends. Luce's chairs are high-backed and upholstered and they are both handsome and comfortable." 

Helen Schwab, The Charlotte

Observer/Gourmet Magazine 

Mejia Interior Design follows the lead of the branding of the Hotel chain and owner, Mejia creates a unique site specific design for each project.

Specialities: Hospitality, Restaurant's, Commercial, and FF& E procurement Firm.

Mejia Interior Design 

                         "BRINGING VISION TO FRUITION"

Mejia Interior Design is a nationally renowned Full Service Design and FF&E Procurement Company. 

We use an interactive approach from project initiation to completion. Our diversity and expertise guide our artistic vision in the interior design industry.

The fusion of our innovative design and our client's vision allow us to create that special atmosphere. We take pride in building new relationships, while

maintaning our long-term clientele. 

Katherine Mejia Alexander, CEO of Mejia Interior Design, has over 20 years of expertise in hotels, restaurants, commercial, and residential design throughout the United States.

Whether it's new construction or renovation - all projects reflect her clients' aesthetic vision.

Mejia takes an active role in every design direction on all projects. 

Services Include: 

Interior Design, Brand Correspondence, Design Board, FF&E Procurement, Purchasing, Design Management, Architectural Design

Specialities: Hospitality, Restaurant, Commercial, Residential